Chapter 54-55

The King of the Light elves lifted his hand, waved if forward in an elegant swift motion. Next thing his Elven warriors moved as one, rushing silently forward into battle. Only the three royal elves stayed behind. They lined up with each other and raised their hands, silently moving their lips.

In a joined effort they battled the Dragon with magic.

The shock and confusion after the entrance of the Light elves seemed like hours but probably only lasted seconds or possibly even a few minutes before inferno broke loose once again. There were Light elves, Dark elves and humans everywhere. Alexander lifted his sword arm again, and again, parring with his shield. The battle felt strangely distant although each second was a fight for his life. The Light elves were fighting on his side! Aliendre was here! His sword cut flesh, human and elven eyes meeting death met his gaze, sticky blood flushed over him. He hoped that the blood wasn’t his own but really didn’t know.

The grey eyes in the face before him were strangely familiar. When they met Alexander’s, the weary look in them gave way for determination.

“We meet again, dear Cousin,” Alexander said.

“Say hello to the gods from me,” Erik shouted before they both rushed forward.

They had sparred against each other so many times in the past so they both knew exactly what movement to expect from the other. Alexander blocked Erik’s sword with the broad side of his sword as he bashed his shield against Erik but Erik swiftly took a step backwards and moved slightly to the side. Alexander moved as swiftly, like a dance, without losing his footing. The dance continued for what seemed to be an eternity when Erik’s left foot slipped on the rain drenched ground.

Quickly Alexander reached out his right leg pushing Erik’s left leg further to the side and making the fall unavoidable. As Erik hit the ground, Alexander spinned around and put his heavy boot on Erik’s sword hand. Erik’s reflexes were quick, but Alexander was quicker so before Erik could react, Alexander’s sword was pointing at his chest.

“Do you want to meet the gods?” Alexander’s tone was almost soft and his question sounded like an honest question rather than a mockery.

“I yield. Don’t kill me, I yield!”

“Then, so be it, it’s your choice. “

After the entrance of the Light elves the battle soon ended. The fall of Erik had been the very end point. The Dark elves that weren’t killed fled into the woods with Light elves in their heels. Some of the humans who had fought for Erik seemed to have changed side during the end of the battle, other were taken as prisoners until their fates were to be determined. But Alexander hardly noticed anything around him. He gave orders mechanically as his eyes scanned everywhere in search of Aliendre. No one seemed to have seen her or knew where she could be, although everyone had seen the silent magic fight between the Royal elves of both sides.

Someone tugged at Alexander’s arm and he turned around annoyed to rebuff the ill-mannered person who dared to disturb him at this moment. When he saw the weary and dirt covered face of the elf he softened.

 ”Are you searching for Princess Aliendre? She’s getting medical care in one of the tents. 

”Alexander’s heart cramped as he followed her gaze. Indeed, tents for medical care had already been raised.“Thank you,” he shouted already running as fast as his tired legs could carry him in the direction the elf had indicated.

Aliendre was lying pale and motionless with the King and the Queen kneeling by her bed. She couldn’t be dead, it was impossible.

Then he saw the faint movements of her chest. She was alive but only barely.

Without remembering that he should fear the King and the Queen of the Light elves Alexander rushed to her bed and took her small hand in his.  He was rewarded with the faintest of smiles.


Chapter 55. Aftermath

Aliendre had no visible injuries that Alexander could see but she seemed so weak. “What’s wrong with her?”

“She will recover but she must rest.” King Eraldor’s voice trembled, from anger or sorrow Alexander could not tell. “All her strength was exhausted when we battled the Dark elf lizard. She’s turning mortal and there isn’t much magical power left in her now.” 

”I will always hate you, but blood honor impedes us from seeking revenge,” Queen Eliene said. “For our grandson we had to fight on your side, for our mortal grandson and for our daughter´s heart and future.”  

At the mention of his son Alexander’s heart jumped. “Blood honor, hrmf. You spoke of my son. Where’s Alex now?”

“Our grandson is safe in our palace. But as mortals neither he nor Aliendre can stay there. They belong to the mortal world now.”  Queen Eliene said. 

“What happened with the Dark elf king, the lizard I mean?” 

“We battled him and won.” King Eraldor replied. “He lost his horse and staggered into the woods but will be caught by our warriors. There will be no mercy for him and this will be the end of what’s left of the Dark elf realm.”

A stir in Aliendre’s bed silenced everyone, turning their eyes on her. She had opened her eyes and was smiling at Alexander. “We must never part again my love, I have missed you so much. Don’t worry about me, I will be fine.”

As much as Alexander would have wanted to stay beside Aliendre’s bed watching her forever, he could not. There were other people who also needed him. First of all he had to find Sigrid. 

Alexander’s horse, Galaxy, was grassing outside and looked up as he heard Alexander’s voice. Although there was much to be done Alexander couldn’t help himself but rushed forward and stroke his friend on the neck. “Dear boy, I feared that I’d lost you.” Quickly he examined Galaxy. He let his hands wander down each leg searching for swellings or wounds and found everything to be fine. Relieved Alexander sighed and ordered a soldier to take care of his horse.

He found Torfast the scarred, leaning, on a tree. 

“I’m looking for Sigrid.” Alexander said. “She must be richly rewarded for without her I wouldn’t have been here.

“Your majesty,” Torfast looked up, his eyes red and swollen. “Her reward will have to be a really fine burial. She’s with the gods now, but her remains rest over there. She took an arrow in her forearm. The wound wasn’t too bad but the arrow was poisoned, so the Light elves told us when they examined her.”

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