Tuesday, May 15, 2012



This blog focus around my Sims 2 story about Roe of the Forest People. It is a fantasy story in a medieval like world.

You can also find some medieval themed/fantasy CC that I have made.

I hope you will enjoy your visit here!



15 June 2018

A Wardrobe for Your Medieval CPU girls

More information and download under Clothes


7 April 2018


I have added a new section with pictures from my medieval-ish sims 2 game. 

New students. Ciri and Yennefer moved in as dormies in my university subhood.


1 April 2018


The last chapter of the story about Roe of the Forest People has been published


23 July 2017

Chapter 56. Brothers

20 July 2017


The Bocksten Sim

This sim is already uploaded on PBK but now you can find him here to, under Sims


20 July 2017

In addition to fixing the broken images I have also started to move my download links to simfileshare instead of box or mediafire. Hopefully this will fix some broken links. 


8 July 2017

Birka, a Community Viking Lot

More information and download of the lot at Mod the Sims


2 July 2017

I'm aware that most of my pictures are broken. I got an e-mail from photobucket June 30 about my account not allowing 3rd party sharing anymore. To upgrade my account and make the photolinks work again I would have to pay $399.99 / year. Obviously I will not sign up  for an upgrade for a service that was free when I chose to trust photobucket with my pictures (the reason I chose photobucket from the start). I'm working on fixing all the links by moving my pictures and restoring the links. This will take some time but I'm aware of the problem and working on it.


25 March 2017

Aliendre's New Dress

Aliendre's elven gown for adults (young adults to elders) can be found under clothing.


9 March 2017

Chapter 55. Aftermath


19 February 2017

Merchant House 

More details and download under "lots"