I once downloaded Enayla's pixie fiend skin without knowing what to do with it, but it was too beautiful to resist. I decided to make a family that lived in the Forest in my medieval neighborhood and the general storyline about Roe was formed in game play. In every new improved medieval hood that I have made since then, Roe and her family have been recreated. Enough from me, I will let the storyteller take over from here. Who he or she is? That will be revealed in the epilogue.
This is the story about Roe of the Forest people as far as I can remember what happened, which is likely to be very close to the truth. My memory is very good and accurate when it comes to events that happened in my youth. Of course I have made up some of the dialogue and other details that I cannot know exactly how it happened because I was not there. But to make the story more interesting I think that can be excused. I will present the main characters for you.

  The main character is Roe of course. She changed the course of Elven and human history and never knew what she did. I think she was what humans today would call a pixie, but not even when she was alive, humans really knew that her species existed. Roe was different from others of her species. She was social, brave and curious while Forest people usually were shy and avoided contact with others.

  Thorundur was a Light elf and Roe's best friend. Like Roe he never really fitted in among his own people. Unlike other elves he was very lively and sensitive. He was also wild hearted and brave (or maybe just plain stupid). Some people would call him rude because he was very spontaneous and he also had a very strong will of his own, but I think that he was a person who made other people happier with his liveliness. I have never met an elf so filled with life as Thorundur once was.

  Alexander was the human Crown Prince. He was the only child of King Magnus and Queen Cecilia. Alexander was kind but maybe a bit naive and spoiled by his privileged life and overprotecting mother. The human crown prince was born on the same day as Roe and their destinies were connected, although I don't think they ever realized this. Alexander's life and future was planned by his father and formed by his duties but this was not what Alexander really wanted.

  Aliendre was princess of the Light elves. She once was considered to be the most beautiful of all Light elves and also possessed great power as she was the child of the ancient King Eraldor and Queen Eliene. While others saw Aliendre as a splendid and beautiful Elven princess, Roe once described her as a lonely girl with sad eyes.

  Erik was Alexander's two year older cousin and friend. Before Alexander was born Erik was first in line to inherit the crown. Therefore, Birger, Erik's father could never accept Alexander. Erik was popular and had many friends and followers. Some might have said that he could not be completely trusted.

  Orm and Ondina were Dark elves and Roe's friends. The years that have passed have taught me that maybe the Dark elves never were as evil as I once thought.

  The Mother, was she real or just a dream?

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