Tuesday, May 15, 2012



This blog focus around my Sims 2 story about Roe of the Forest People. It is a fantasy story in a medieval like world.

You can also find some medieval themed/fantasy CC that I have made.

I hope you will enjoy your visit here!



23 March 2023

 These fins were made for swimming - modified TS4 mermaid tails

See more and download here


28 November 2020

Triss' bedroom 

see more and download here


11 June 2020

Criquette’s rural charm terrain with roads from Witcher 3

200-followers gift for my Simblr

see more and download here


2 November 2019

Mermaid teeth as full face makepup 

See more here

7 August 2019

100 followers gift for my Simblr 

Under the Sea theme

See more here


14 February 2019

Midsummerpole stereo

Read more and download under other CC


19 January 2019

Thou shalt not lie (unless you're very good at it)

CC for your criminal sims

For your criminal sims and as a 50-followers gift on my simblr I have uploaded some CC.

Default criminal career reward
Shadowmarks from Skyrim's thieves guild as wall overlays and,
Two recolors of top only tunics.

Read more under the different headlines.

Default lie detector and shadowmarks under other CC

Tunics under clothing


MCC peasant lot

MCC peasant lot (MCC version and a slightly more expensive version)

More information and download link under lots 


27 July 2018

Some random facemarks from the Witcher 3

They can be downloaded under "Other CC"


15 June 2018

A Wardrobe for Your Medieval CPU girls

More information and download under Clothes


7 April 2018


I have added a new section with pictures from my medieval-ish sims 2 game. 

New students. Ciri and Yennefer moved in as dormies in my university subhood.


1 April 2018


The last chapter of the story about Roe of the Forest People has been published


23 July 2017

Chapter 56. Brothers

20 July 2017



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