Viking theme

Birka, a Community Viking Lot

More information and download of the lot at Mod the Sims


Valhalla lot and CC

The wolves beside the throne are Odin’s wolves Geri and Freki. Hugin and Munin, Odin’s ravens  are not included.

This is a somewhat (= very) toned done version of Valhalla as a lot with “five hundred and forty doors that eight hundred man can exit from at once” would be a bit too much for the game. I have tried to keep the amount of CC down and have only used Maxis terrains (to avoid problems with flashing blue terrrain).

Built in; an anygame without hacks installed
Tested; both in another any game (to check for blue flashing CC) and in my test hood in a regular game loaded with CC.
Preplayed; No
Lot type; Residential
Lot size; 5 x 4
In game prize;66,134.
Expansions; It was built with all expansions up to AL

There are three new meshes included, Odin’s throne, ornamented columns and a picture stone with motives from real picture stones from the Viking age. The meshes should be base game compatible.

You need the following meshes and recolors;
 Huge Lunatic mid century fire place,
Parsimonious k8-Wanderingshutterwindow
Wandering shutter window no glass,
Lama wandering shutter window RC2
Lady Lama Dart board 
Bethgael Axe throwing RC Hay

Download Valhalla


Frigg's Dress

Frigg’s dress is a new mesh and available in three recolors and for teen and adults because I wanted a slightly looser fit around the waist and meshed sleeves to make it a more realistic apron dress with buckles, it has 2088 faces. The dress will show up in everyday, formal and excercise. Both ages have all morphs. Inspiration for the dress comes mostly from this site.

Download Frigg's Dress for adults


Outerwear for Viking Ladies

This is a recolor of the Frigg's dress mesh. You will need the mesh from that set for this to show up. It is for teens and adults.


The Temple in Old Uppsala

The temple in Old Uppsala is believed to have been an important religious centre during the Viking age. It is, however, possible that it never existed at all as it is only known from Adam of Bremen’s 11th century description and he was never actually there. It is, however, beyond doubt that the place that is today known as Old Uppsala, located in the Northern part of the Swedish city Uppsala, was an important centre during the Viking age. There are numerous archeological findings from the Viking age in this region. Actually new archeological diggings have just begun due to a road project in this area.

The three royal mounds that are dated to the 5th and 6th centuries i.e. pre-Viking, are still prominent. Under the old church remnants of an older building have been found that may have been the temple but it could also have been an old wooden church or some other building. The land has risen since the Viking age so the water line is much lower today but during the Iron Age the water was high enough for water transport which was an important factor for the place to become an important centre.

I hereby presen my version of the Temple in Old Uppsala  :) .

I did not use Adam of Bremen’s description of the temple for inspiration but rather the Uppåkra temple as I think it is probably more realistic. Adam of Bremen describes, however, that there were three idols, of Odin, Thor and Frey, with Thor in the middle, in the temple why I have included the idols.

Since this is a temple your sims can perform religious activities here. There is an invisible prayer stone hidden inside Thor. In the corner of the temple you can also see a semi invisible shrine by Almighty hat. There is another shrine outdoors.

Your sims can get married outdoors. There is an invisible recolor of the wedding arch.

There are also other activities for your sims for example chess, stock rolling, dancing at the may pole, grilling. Behind the axe throwing station there is a straw bed in case your sims would like to - -rest.

New CC made by me

Urnes walls, from the urnes stave church in Norway, recolors of my column from the Valhalla set (170 faces).

Urnes wall masks, recolors of Numenor’s wall mask with motives from Urnes church and one with a celtic knot.

Dragon heads for the roof (110 faces)

Idols of Odin (548 faces), Thor (502) and Frey (610 faces, PG-13 version of Frey  :) ). The Idols of the Aesir Odin, Thor and Frey are extremely ugly due to my limited meshing skills. I looked everywhere for suitable statues to download but could not find any. Detailed marble or large metal statues are not typical of the Viking age. Therefore I made three statues that are carved from wood because there needs to be statues of Odin, Thor and Frey or this would not be the Viking temple in Old Uppsala. You can always delete them.

The dragon, column and the idols have wood textures generously shared by Michelle, thank you.
All meshes except the roof dragons should be base game compatible. The roof dragons require Bon Voyage.

Lot type; community (but I started from residential so if you for some reason would like sims to live on the lot there will be a mailbox)
Lot size; 5 x 6
Preplayed; no, the pictures with sims on the lot are taken from a clone of the packaged lot. A clone was playtested.

Built in an any game and tested in my regular game (in addition to another empty any game to look for flashing blue objects).
Expansion packs required; The lot was built with all expansion packs up to AL included but without stuff packs.

Invisible objects; Sunnis invisible recolors of Numenor’s modular stairs. The stairs leads up to the temple on the front.
Invisible wedding arch. If you click slightly above the bush on the side of the circle with flower your sims will have the option to get married if they are engaged. The bells on top are also still visible.
There is an invisible prayer stone inside Thor which may be good to know if you want to delete the idols.

There is a straw bed by Michele behind the axe throwing station. You may need to change the bedding with the design tool to have straw bedding. The bedding is included but for some reason it reverts to a maxis bedding.
As I alredy mentioned the idols of Odin, Thor and Frey are extremely ugly but you can always delete them.

Included in the zip-file is a folder named “extra” with CC that for some reason were not included when I packaged the lot but that is needed for the lot to show up properly.
I would like to thank all creators whose CC I have included. Without you it would not be possible to play a themed game.

Download the Viking temple in Old Uppsala 


Runestones in Tensta

If you mention Vikings most people would probably think about horned helmets (which of course Vikings didn't have), long ships and runestones. You cannot have Vikings without runes and runestones  :). There are two runestones outside Tensta church in Uppland that I transferred to the sims.

(Photos by me)

The first one is U 1036 (I’m sorry about the boring names but this is what the real stones are called :)).
Transferred to latin letters the text on the stone says “Sihuastr uk Bratr uk Uikitil elha lit rita stin iftir Anhuit sun sin sum tauþr hiuta huaþum kristr ialbi sial Antuita”
Translated to English it would be something like “Sigvast and Brand and Vikättel. Helga had the stone raised in memory of Andvätt her son who died in white robes. Christ help Andvätts soul”
The other stone is U 1034.
Transferred to latin letters the text on the stone says “þorbiarn auk þorstain uk stybiarn litu raisa stain eftir þorfast faþur sin Ybir risti”
Translated to English it would be something like “þorbjörn and þorstein and Styrbjörn had the stone raised in memory of þorfastr, their father. Öpir carved.
Each stone is on a new mesh. I’m sorry but the stones are so different in shape so the text wouldn't fit well on the same mesh.
Faces 58
Catalogue decorative, sculptures
Ingame costs 1000 simoleons/each
Environment 10
Facts about the runestones outside Tensta church
Of 2835 runestones in Sweden 1328 can be found in the province of Uppland. While the tradition to raise runestones was abandoned in other places in Scandinavia it became even more popular in Uppland. U 1034 and U 1036 both have Christian motives like many other runestones from this time. The referral to white robes on U 1036 means that Andvätt was baptized on his death bed. U 1034 is signed by Öpir  and also U 1036 has been assigned to this famous rune master although it is not signed by him. Öpir was active in the late 11th and early 12th centuries. 
(There is also a third stone close to Tensta church but it is so broken so I skipped it).
Credits; Öpir who made the original textures

Download runestones


Runestones in Gripsholm

During my vacation I went to Gripholm and was inspired to transfer these runestones to the Sims. Both runestones are located close to Gripsholm castle in the little town Mariefred.
Photo by me

Sö 179 (Södermanland runic inscription number 179) is one of the most well known Swedish runestones. The picture is relatively simple with a snake seen from above but it’s the text that makes the stone special. It is one of the so called Invgar’s stones with test that refers to the Ingvar’s expedition that took place in the 11th century. Few returned from the disastrous expedition. The expedition is described in Yngvar’s saga and was lead by Ingvar Vittfarne (Ingvar the Far-Travelled). Translated to English the text is like this;

Tola had this stone raised in memory of her son Haraldr, Ingvar’s brother. They travelled valiantly far for gold, and in the east gave food to the eagle. They died in the south in Serkland.

The phrase “gave food to the eagle” is a kenning which means that they killed enemies (which were left on the battle field for eagles to feed on). It is not known if Haraldr really was Ingvar’s brother (half-brother) or if the text refers to brother in arms.

The stone Sö 178 is somewhat overshadowed by its more famous neighbor Sö 179 although the style is more elaborate. It is carved in Urnes style with the rune animals’ almond shaped heads seen in profile. The text on this stone says “Helgulf and Eyjulfr, they had both the stones raised in memory of their brother Ktilemundr; and the bridge in memory of Soma, their mother. And Bruni, her brother cut”
Building of bridges is often mentioned on runestones. The text indicates that there might have been a second stone that is now lost.

The stones tranferred to The sims 2

U 179 has 150 faces, costs 1000 simoleons and can be found in Decorative, sculptures, outdoor

U 178 has 60 faces costs 1000 simoleons and can be found in Decorative, sculptures, outdoor

Download runestones



Idun, Dress for adult Viking ladies

This dress has a mesh that is very similar to the Frigg mesh but with alpha parts for the buckles, necklace and the lower part of the outer skirt.
 Faces 2414, Vertices 1640
It has all morphs  and is only available for adult female.

The dress comes in Three colors for the highborn ladies. There is also a recolor for thralls that I don't have a picture of.

Download Iduns vikingdress


Tola, Dress for viking ladies with the classic pinup body shape

This is basically the Frigg mesh converted for the CPU body shape. Because it is difficult to avoid stretching of the textures in this body shape I also added an alpha layer for the buckle broches and the necklaces instead of painting them on the dress. The recolors are enabled for young adult to elder (no teen mesh, sorry) and for BSOK. I don’t have poser and therefore cannot use Warlock's magnets so instead the vertices have been moved around by hand in milkshape and the mesh may not be perfect. The mesh is supposed to be a somewhat loose fit dress so I tried to make it look as much as fabric as I could. It has all morphs and three recolors. The mesh has 2238 faces. Let me know if you see any mistakes and I will try to fix them.

(The mesh is named “Tola” from a name on one of the rune stones outside Gripsholm castle. She was the woman who had the stone raised).



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